ram mandir pujari viral video

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ram mandir pujari viral video

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital information, it’s crucial to discern fact from fiction. In recent news, a controversial photo circulating on social media claimed to depict Pujari Mohit Pandey at the Ram Mandir, creating a buzz of misinformation. As we delve into this narrative, our goal is to provide accurate insights and counter the misleading claims.

ram mandir pujari viral video

ram mandir pujari viral video

The Genesis of the Controversy

The Alleged Photo and Its Origin

The controversial photograph purportedly featuring Pujari Mohit Pandey at the Ram Mandir gained traction on various platforms, igniting debates and discussions. However, a meticulous investigation into its origins reveals a different story.

Dissecting the Viral Photo

Forensic Analysis Unveils Truth

To unravel the mystery surrounding the viral photo, forensic experts conducted a thorough analysis. Contrary to the claims made, the photo was found to be doctored, with subtle but crucial discrepancies that pointed to its inauthenticity. The pixelated inconsistencies and unnatural shadows were clear indicators of manipulation.

Ahmedabad Cyber Police Action

Swift Response to Misinformation

Understanding the potential harm caused by the spread of false information, the Ahmedabad Cyber Police took prompt action. The individual responsible for the photo’s creation and dissemination was identified and arrested. This proactive approach reinforces the commitment to maintaining the integrity of digital spaces.

Jitendra’s Connection to the Controversy

Unveiling the Culprit

Investigations revealed that the person behind the creation of the fake photo was none other than Jitendra, a Congress leader. The motive behind Jitendra’s actions remains under scrutiny, but his arrest underscores the legal consequences of spreading misinformation.

The Ram Mandir Connection

Pujari Mohit Pandey’s Authentic Presence

Contrary to the manipulated photo, Pujari Mohit Pandey has a genuine association with the Ram Mandir. His regular presence in religious ceremonies and events is well-documented through authentic photographs and credible sources. Separating fact from fiction is imperative in understanding the nuances of this controversy.

Cyber Hygiene and Media Literacy

Navigating the Digital Landscape

In an era where information travels at the speed of light, cultivating cyber hygiene and media literacy is paramount. Verifying sources, fact-checking, and critically evaluating information can prevent the inadvertent spread of falsehoods, fostering a more informed and responsible digital society.


As the dust settles on the controversy surrounding the fake photo of Pujari Mohit Pandey at the Ram Mandir, it becomes evident that misinformation can have severe repercussions. By dissecting the photo, highlighting law enforcement’s swift action, and emphasizing the importance of media literacy, we aim to set the record straight.

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