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The episode begins with Krish needing to get back to Canada as he feels that his previous continues to come before him. Prerna inquires as to whether he’s discussing past or Shweta. She says that Shweta is a shut part in his life and asks him not to eclipse his present. Krish says Shweta is answerable for whatever occurred with his family and he continues to see Shweta in his family’s sufferings, so he is running from his and himself.

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Prerna says that she can recuperate his and his family’s injuries. Krish says that nobody can mend his injuries till Chutki is found. Krish says that they attempted a ton to find, yet they proved unable. Prerna says that they shouldn’t surrender. She further says that Krish actually adores his family, however he is concealing it. All at once they hear an entryway ringer. Prerna opens it. She’s amazed to see Dhara. Dhara gives them cash. Krish says that he doesn’t require it as he isn’t any longer the futile Krish he used to be.

Dhara says that guardians get harmony burning through cash in their kids capability and Gautam would likewise need that Prerna and Krish start their new life utilizing their home’s cash. She says that this cash is to get their garments and ring for their commitment service. She says that she might have gotten it without anyone else, yet Krish’s preferences could have changed in the beyond seven years. She leaves. Krish feels miserable that Dhara didn’t embrace him and say that she was off-base and apologize to him for chiding him seven years prior. Prerna says that her mother frequently chided her in any event, when she’s not to blame. She says that guardians and kids’ relationship is about grieved what not. She says that it’s not right to save distance between relations for a sorry.

Suman plays drums and welcomes the family to rehearse dance for Krish and Prerna’s commitment. She feels miserable when nobody comes. Chiku and Dhara show up. Suman requests that they begin to move. They oblige and move. Mithu and Shesh go along with them. Yet, Rishita and Raavi show up and return them to their individual rooms. Suman, Dhara, Chiku feel despondent.

The following morning, Dhara sees Gautam getting back plastered even upon the arrival of the commitment service of his sibling. Gautam contends with Dhara and ruins the festoon. He blames Dhara for breaking his family and offending him. Dhara shouts to Chiku and requests that he take Gautam to the room. Gautam showers Chiku with warmth and kisses his temple. He leaves with Chiku.

Rishita shows up there contending with the live-in school head via telephone. She thretens to sue them for not discounting the half expenses they paid. Raavi additionally show up there drinking her tea. She indignantly toss the tea glass she is holding, stunning Dhara and Raavi. Dhara requests that Rishita share her concerns with her. Be that as it may, Rishita indignantly responds. She will not impart her concerns to Dhara and leaves.

Suman eats chips and sits in front of the television sserial in which Natasha used to act. Suman could do without that they have changed the youngster craftsman and mourns about it. She says the young lady who used to assume the part has a similar period of Chutki. The children are watching Suman eating chips and watering standing the room doorstep. They consider taking Suman’s chips. Yet, Dhara sees them and sends them to play. Raavi has no new garments for herself, Shiva and Mithu to wear on Krish and Prerna’s commitment.

Thus, she goes to Rishita. She is shocked to track down her gathering her sacks. She asks Rishita Dev and Shesh’s old garments for Shiva and Mithu as their garments aged significantly and they don’t have the means to get new garments. Rishita gives garments for Raavi, Shiva and Mithu. She says that they’re new garments. Rishita says that she can’t remain here after whatever occurred. Raavi says that she’s remaining here just for the good of Suman. She says that she’s now stressed as Shesh’s live-in school the board isn’t returning the cash. She says that she would rather not increment her concern by remaining here.

Then again, Natasha sees Shweta gathering the sack and inquires as to whether they are heading off to some place. Shweta says that they need to do parcel of courses of action for her activity. Natasha says that Shweta could have issues as she’s not doing any the Network programs now. Shweta guarantees Natasha soon their concerns will be tackled as they will have parcel of cash. Natasha tells Shweta I love you mother. Shweta answers with I love you as well. She gets frozen yogurt for Natasha. She imagines that now is the ideal time to get back to Somnaath.The episode ends.

Precap: Dhar guarantees Suman to prevent Rishita and Raavi from leaving, however she has a condition. She requests that Suman acknowledge Chiku as her grandson on the off chance that Rishita and Raavi stay here. Chiku hears this.

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