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Genuine story of Kolar Gold Fields: What is the narrative of that mine which was displayed in hotshot Yash’s film KGF, how could it begin removing gold from the mine here and what is today condition? Know the responses to these inquiries.

kgf real story

From the absolute initial segment of KGF, the crowd was enthusiastically sitting tight for its spin-off. As of late its continuation KGF Section 2 ( KGF-2 ) was delivered. This film is making records. Till now it has procured around 200 crores. The complete name of KGF is Kolar Gold Fields . This film of genius Yash depends on the mother lodes in Kolar, Karnataka . Here once individuals used to recover them manually and take gold. Throughout the entire existence of 121 years, around 900 tons of gold has been extricated from these mines.

second deepest mine in the world

The mother lode highlighted in the film is situated in Robertsonpet tehsil, 30 km from the Kolar region central command in Karnataka. Kolar Gold Fields is included on the planet’s second most profound mine after South Africa’s Poneng gold mine.


Numerous accounts were predominant about this Khan. Hearing this, Lieutenant John Warren of the English Government arrived at here. To know the reality of KGF, John tested the residents. He said, whoever shows the gold out of the mine will be compensated. In the craving of getting the prize, the locals came to John by filling the dirt of the mine in the bullock truck. At the point when John tried the dirt, he tracked down hints of gold in it. In that period, John had removed 56 kg of gold from the mine. After this, somewhere in the range of 1804 and 1860, many endeavors were made to separate gold, yet all the same nothing emerged. During this, because of the demise of many individuals, the removal in the mine was halted.

Research began this mine in 1871. As a matter of fact, resigned English fighter Michael Fitzgerald Lavelli read a report distributed in the Asiatic Diary in 1804, which referenced this treasure trove of Kolar. Lavelli was exceptionally energized and came to India. He went inside 100 km sweep of the mine and denoted the spots where gold could be found. Therefore, they had the option to track down places with gold stores.

The Maharaja of Mysore had issued the mining license

After the main achievement, John looked for consent from the Maharaja of Mysore in 1873 to give a permit to mine. The Maharaja gave the permit on February 2, 1875. John found financial backers for this and gave over the mining work to the English organization John Taylor and Children. In this manner crafted by removing gold from KGF began.

Once upon a time 95% of the country’s gold used to come out from here, today it is in ruins

As per media reports, 95% of the gold created in India around then used to come from this KGF. Along these lines, India had arrived at the 6th situation with regards to gold creation.

In 1930, the gold stores in Kolar Gold Fields began diminishing. Till the freedom of India, it was constrained by the English as it were. After freedom, in 1956, this mine went heavily influenced by the Middle. As of now this mine has transformed into ruins. The passages that were dug to extricate gold are presently brimming with water. Specialists say, there is as yet gold in KGF, however it is obvious from the ongoing state of the mine that it will cost more to extricate it than how much gold that is here.

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