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The episode begins with Chini preventing Imlie from applying mehendi on her hand. She says just wedded ladies can apply it on their hand so she needn’t bother with any awful sign during the customs. Imlie says Chini ought to quit calling herself however unique as her reasoning may be antedated. Kia tells Imlie not to belittle Indian practice. Imlie asks her what is the Hindi significance of custom.

imlie 6 feb 2023 written update

Mehendi doesn’t separate between anyone then they are noone to do that. The ceremonies are made to spread satisfaction between one another. Rupy feels pleased with Imlie. Chini feels desirous. Imlie demands Shivani to apply the mehendi when the last option denies. Imlie makes the plan and there Chini chooses to show her a thing or two. Chini requests that the mehendi craftsman think of her darling’s name on her hand. She expresses A before Imlie and Arto which shocks the two of them. Arto figures Chini shouldn’t commit any moronic misstep before everybody.

Imlie believes assuming that Chini will compose Arto’s name. One of the Arto’s fans effectively compose Imlie’s better half’s name on her hand. Imlie gets astonished and the young lady says she realizes Imlie is DJ Arto’s better half. Craftsman composes Abhishek on Chini’s palm. Chini questions her why she did that? Abhishek comes and Chini says she implied the spelling is off-base. He answers his name spelling is right why Chini is furious? Imlie gazes at Arto’s name on her hand and is going to leave yet he stops her. He says on the off chance that she needs she can eliminate his name. She says she is alright with it as she thinks of him as her companion.

Arto says then he will think of her name on his palm too. She is his companion as well. He composes Imlie’s name and Imlie gets cheerful seeing that. Chini vapor seeing them together. She attempts to eliminate Abhishek name on her hand. Later she stuns Imlie with her presence. She questions Imlie why she isn’t letting Arto be? Her activities doesn’t talk exactly the same thing. Since when she turned out to be dearest companion of Arto? Imlie stays quiet. Chini says perhaps Imlie actually cherishes Arto and in this way she needs to accompany him and giving reason of aiding him. Chini continues to ask her what does she feel for Arto? On the off chance that she cherishes him? Imlie says no. That’s what arto hears and gets stunned. He leaves thinking why he is feeling miserable realizing Imlie doesn’t adore him. He ought to be content yet he isn’t.

Imlie lets Chini know that she expects nothing from Arto and she can’t see him in torment as well. She says however Chini could do without anyone. Chini requests that she quit addressing. Imlie says she won’t allow Chini to inconvenience anybody in this family. She leaves and later Imlie gets profound seeing Arto’s name on her hand. She says she can’t eliminate his name that effectively as Devika applied sugar and lemon on it. She says she was unable to conceal her actual sentiments from Chini. She adores Arto so much and it’s moving hard for her to avoid him. She thinks yet she needs to save Arto from Chini. She chooses after Chini and Abhishek’s wedding she will take off from Rana House. She cries tears taking a gander at the mehendi.

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