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We have heard a great deal of exciting accounts of medication ingestion in the rear-end previously or seen it in the news in papers. Yet, I understood how serious an actual gamble it very well may be for a pancharkari subsequent to watching a clasp of the initial 5 minutes of ‘Guti’ on Charki’s page. In any case, the inquiry waits in the brain of numerous with regards to why anybody would include themselves in such a demonstration.

guti bangla web series

Passage of Naseeruddin and Bandhan toward the start. I have turned into a devotee of Naseeruddin Khan since watching the last episode of Partner series. Also, taking a gander at Bandhan’s face, it is clear the amount he is devoted to this work.

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Now just wait for one day. Then all questions will end.

guti web series download

The web series highlights entertainers like Azmeri Haque Badhon, Shahriar Nazim Happiness, Sharif Siraj, Moushumi Hamid, Nasir Uddin Khan, Arya Aritra, Tuntuni Sobhan, Arfan Mridha Shiblu, Mahmudul Alam, and so on.

Badhon plays a medication dealer named Sultana in Guti. Sultana has been related with a neighborhood drug pirating network for a very long time. During this time she raked in tons of cash and abundance however consequently lost close individuals, connections, confidence, and trust. There can be no way out from this profession yet Sultana actually dreams of a wonderful world for her girl.

“The chief has created the story splendidly. We discussed the person for some time. I have been conveying this person inside me for quite a while. The castings in the series are extremely fascinating,” said Badhon. “I truly don’t have any desire to hear things like female leads don’t work in Bangladesh, and so forth. I accept this discernment will change in the following a couple of years. We will change this logic with our work.”

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