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Through NCERT Class 12 History Notes PDF in Hindi 2023 , such questions have been included in it, which are most likely to appear in the exam. Based on the new pattern of NCERT , this pdf is essential for almost all the boards. It is going to play an important role in the exam for Bihar Board, Up Board , MP Board etc.

Class 12 History Notes have been prepared by teachers with almost years of experience, in which the major exam papers of the last ten years have been included. Apart from this, after experience and research, all the new academic year’s subject material has been designed by adding. The study material of Class 12 History Notes PDF is in accordance with the Board Syllabus, which can be completely trusted.

The study of these notes is necessary to effectively express the questions in the examination . Because in this the methods of writing and expressing the solutions of the questions have also been explained. Which will prove beneficial for you.


If you study with Class 12 History Notes PDF in Hindi, it helps in reducing the stress during the examination. Because, it presents the questions in front of you in a better way, which reduces your confusion as well as stress.

Features of Class 12th History Notes PDF 2023

It is prepared on NCERT pattern for all boards. Which is full of simple language as well as high quality on which many students trust. It is most helpful in self study and getting rid of stress. Here all the pdf is available according to the chapter, which you can download for free.

Important facts :

  • Will help you to revise all the essential concepts before class 12th board exam.
  • Class 12th History Notes PDF in Hindi is available in simple words.
  • It is designed on the modern pattern of NCERT.
  • You will get each chapter given in the New NCERT Book of History in brief in this PDF. Which is necessary for the exam.
  • These notes are important for every board exam. Because, all the boards are based on NCERT.

All the important questions appearing in the exam are available here.

Class 12 History Notes PDF in Hindi Chapter Wise

Chapter 1 Notesbricks beads and bones
Chapter 2 Notesking farmer and city
Chapter 3 NotesBrotherhood caste and class
Chapter 4 NotesThinkers, Beliefs and Buildings
Chapter 5 NotesPassengers’ Perspectives
Chapter 6 NotesBhakti Sufi Traditions
Chapter 7 NotesCapital of an Empire: Vijayanagara
Chapter 8 NotesPeasants, Landlords and the State
Chapter 9 NotesKing and Various Accounts
Chapter 10 Notescolonialism and the countryside
Chapter 11 NotesRebel and Raj
Chapter 12 Notescolonial city
Chapter 13 NotesMahatma Gandhi and the National Movement
Chapter 14 Notesunderstanding division
Chapter 15 Notesconstitution making

Note: By downloading class 12 history notes in hindi pdf, you can prepare for your exam in the best way. Because these notes have been prepared with simple words and useful questions.

Best way to do smart study

Smart study is most important to get better marks in class 12 exam . Because it provides the means to choose and solve the right questions at the right time. Actually, this is a kind of technique by following which any exam can be easily cleared.

Here you are being provided some trick which will help in getting good marks in the exam .

  • Choose the right time to study.
  • Keep in mind, the time should be such when you are in the mood to study completely.
  • After that choose Book or PDF as per your wish.
  • Set aside at least 30 minutes for each subject.
  • First of all, start studying such topics which you want to complete.
  • Always study according to time. meaning neither more nor less than time
  • Always keep Note Book with you. And write such facts which are necessary.

Note: All the points mentioned above are the way to fulfill a particular objective. If you follow this, I guarantee that your result in class 12 will be more than 80%.

Hope you will like Class 12 History Notes PDF as well as Smart Study tips.

Note: Along with class 12 history notes in hindi pdf download, other pdf is also available which is necessary for the exam.

Disclaimer: has been created with the aim of improving and spreading education and teaching style so that the importance of education can be easily conveyed to all people through this website. The notes provided on this website are not created by us. Notes available on the internet have been given here for the purpose of reaching the students preparing for 12th. If there is any kind of problem or violation of law here, then contact us on the given address. Thank you

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