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What is Chat GPT and how it works (Chat GPT in Hindi, Open AI, founder, API, Website, app, login, Sign up, Alternatives, Owner, Meaning, Conversational API) 

Chat GPT is being discussed very fast on the Internet and in the world of technology. People are curious to know about it. It is being said that it can compete with Google search as well. According to the information received, whatever question you ask from Chat GPT, you are answered by writing. 


At present, work is going on on this and it will be made available to the people on a large scale as soon as possible. People who have tested it as a social media user have given it a positive response. Let us finally understand “What is Chat GPT” and “What is the history of Chat GPT” and “How does Chat GPT work. “

Chat GPT Highlight 2023

Name:chat gpt  
Release:  30 Nov. 2022
Type:Artificial intelligence chatbot  
License:  proprietey
Original author:  OpenAI
Ceo:Sam Altman  

What is Chat GPT

The full form of Chat GPT in English language is Chat Generative Pretrend Transformer. It has been created by Open Artificial Intelligence which is a type of chat bot. Because of Artificial Intelligence only it will work on Artificial Intelligence. According to the information received, you can easily talk through it in the format of words and get answers to any type of question you may have. If we consider it as a type of search engine, then there will be no exaggeration in this too.

It has just been launched. Therefore, it is currently available internationally only for use in the English language. However, going forward, a provision has been made to add other languages ​​as well. Whatever question you ask by writing here, the answer to that question is provided to you in detail through Chat GPT. It has been launched in the year 2022 on 30 November and its official website is The number of its users has reached around 2 million so far.

Full Form of Chat GPT

Chat gpt i.e. Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer When you search anything on Google, Google shows you many websites related to that thing, but Chat GPT works in a completely different way. Here when you search any question, Chat GPT shows you the direct answer to that question. Through Chat GPT, you can be given by writing essay, youtube video script, cover letter, biography, leave application etc.

History of Chat GPT

Chat GPT was started in the year 2015 by a person named Sam Altman in association with Elon Musk. Although it was a non-profit company when it was started, but after 1 to 2 years, this project has been abandoned in the middle by Elon Musk.

After this, a great amount was invested in it by Bill Gates’ Microsoft company and it was launched as a prototype on 30 November in the year 2022. According to Altman, Chief Executive Officer of Open Artificial Intelligence, it has reached more than 20 million users so far and the number of users is continuously increasing.

How Chat GPT works ?

Its website has given detailed information about how it works. In fact, publicly available data has been used by the developer to train it. From the data that has been used, this chat bot finds answers to the questions you search and then answers Correctly and in the correct language and then displays the result on the screen of your device.

Here you also get the option to tell whether you are satisfied with the answer given by it or not. According to whatever answer you give, it also keeps updating its data continuously. However, for your information, let us tell you that the training of Chat GPT has ended in the year 2022. Therefore, you will not be able to get the information or data of the incident that has happened after this correctly.

Special Features of Chat GPT

Now let us also get information about what are the main features of Chat GPT.

Its main feature is that the answers to the questions you ask here are provided to you in detail in the format of the article.

  • Chat GPT can be used to generate content.
  • Whatever question you ask here, you get the answer in real time.
  • Money will not be charged from any user for using this facility, because this facility has been launched for the people absolutely free of cost.
  • With the help of this, you can also prepare things like biography, application, essay etc by writing them.

How to use Chat GPT, Login, Sing Up

Here we want to make you aware that to use it you have to visit its official website and register your account. You will be able to use Chat GPT only after creating an account.

Currently it can be used absolutely free of cost and account can also be created on its official website absolutely free of cost. However, in future it may happen that a normal charge will be collected from people for using it.

1: The person who wants to use it has to first turn on internet data connection in his mobile and then open any browser.

2: After opening the browser, it has to open the website.

3: After going to the home page of the website, he will see two such options as login and sign up, out of which he has to click on the sign up option, because here we are going to create our account for the first time on this website.

4: You can create an account here using email ID or Microsoft account or Gmail ID. To create an account on this with Gmail ID, you have to click on the option of Continue with Google which is visible.

5: Now you will see the Gmail ID which you use in your mobile. Click on the name of the Gmail ID with which you want to create an account.

6: Now you have to enter your name in the first box you see and after that you have to enter your phone number in the phone number box and click on the Continue button.

7: Now a one time password will be sent to the phone number you entered through Chat GPT. Put it in the box appearing on the screen and click on the Verify button.

After verification of the phone number, your account is created on Chat GPT. After that you can start using it.

Benefits of Chat GPT

It has been launched recently. So everyone is very much interested to know about the advantages of Chat GPT. Let us also provide you the information about its advantage below and know what are the benefits of Chat GPT.

  • The biggest advantage of this is that when he searches anything on it, he gets a direct answer to his question in detail. That is, he gets complete information about his question.
  • When you search anything on Google, different websites appear after the search result, but this does not happen on Chat GPT. Here you are taken directly to the respective result.
  • Another wonderful facility has also been started in this. That is, when you search something and the result you see, if you are not satisfied with the result, then you can also provide its information to Chat GPT, on the basis of that the result is updated continuously.
  • You are not being charged a single rupee for using this service, that is, the user can use it for free.

Cons of Chat GPT

Above we learned about its advantages, now let us also get information about what are the Disadvantages of Chat GPT or what is the loss of Chat GPT. The data available with them is limited.

  • Currently only English language is being supported by Chat GPT. So it will prove useful for those who understand English language. However, other languages ​​will also be included in the future.
  • There are many questions whose answers you cannot find here.
  • Its training has ended in the beginning of the year 2022 itself. In such a situation, you will hardly get any information about the events after the month of March 2022.
  • Tell that as long as you will be able to use it for free as long as it is in the research period. After the completion of the research period, the user will need to pay to use it. However, no information has been made available about how much this money will be.

Will Chat GPT kill Google?

When we looked at different Hindi and English news channels, as well as different Hindi and English news websites, we came to know that at present, Chat GPT has not left Google behind. Will be able to go, because at present only limited information is available with Chat GPT and there is not much option available on it.

Through this, one can only answer as much as it has been trained to answer, unlike Google which has data of different people around the world. That’s why on Google you get different types of information in audio, video, photo and word format.

Apart from this, there is also a drawback of Chat GPT that here you get the answers to the questions, it is not necessary that it is correct, but on the other hand, Google has the latest technology algorithm, through which it can easily understand this. What is the desire of the user to get behind what the user is searching.

For this reason, it can be said that in the present times, Google cannot be defeated by Chat GPT in any way. However, if Chat GPT works on continuously improving itself, then Google can also be left behind.

Will Chat GPT Kill Human Jobs?

Talking about technology, many such technologies have come, due to which humans have lost their jobs from time to time.

That is why many people are also worried about the fact that due to Chat GPT many people may have to lose their jobs. However, if seen in detail, no human’s job is in danger because of this.

Because the answers provided by it are not 100% correct. However, it may be that in the coming times, the team of Chat GPT will work hard on it and try to make it advanced with the latest technology.

In such a situation, it can even eliminate the jobs of various people. If it is developed continuously, then due to this, such a job can end in which there are work related to question and answer. Such as customer care, teachers teaching coaching, etc.

What is the full form of Chat GPT?

Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer

What is the official website of Chat GPT?

When was Chat GPT launched?

30 November 2022

In which language Chat GPT is launched?


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