bigg boss 16 9th january 2023 full episode || bigg boss 16 9 january 2023 full episode

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The boss begins with morning hymn. Archana is frustrated and believes that somebody should direct and propel her. She tells Abdu not to rest since he is the skipper. He says you are nobody to let me know that.

bigg boss 16 9 january 2023 full episode

Bigg boss calls all competitors into the front room. He lets them know some VVIPs will show up in the house and they will be approached to freeze and let out of time to time. They need to play the assignment cautiously if not they will lose their apportion.

bigg boss 16 9 january 2023 full episode

Bigg boss tells freeze and declares the passage of Farah Khan. She tells Sajid not to lose the apportion. She embraces and cries and lets Sajid know that she and mom is pleased with him. Farah meets Shiv and embraces him saying I sent one sibling yet received three siblings consequently. She calls Sumbul her bacha and kisses her expression she cherishes her.


Bigg boss discharges Sajid, he embraces Farah and wishes her cheerful birthday. Farah lets Sajid know that she will remain till morning. She calls Archana patakha, embraces Nimrit and expresses gratitude toward her for dealing with Sajid well. Farah called Abdu child holy messenger and embraces him tight.

Bigg boss delivers all contenders and Farah embraces them all. Farah considers Bigg Supervisor’s Deepika Padukone to Priyanka and tells her that Ankit has communicated something specific for you saying he misses her a ton. Farah tells that this is the greatest season after Sidharth Shukla’s season. She lets Tina know that her mom has become VIP since she battled with Shalin’s mom.

Bigg boss freezes Sumbul. Farah lets Shalin know that your and Tina’s romantic tale is the exhausting romantic tale of all time. Bigg Manager discharges Sumbul. She lets Shalin know that he mirrors Shahrukh Khan.

Bigg boss advises all housemates to freeze and invites Shiv’s mom. Shiv’s mom embraces Shiv and tells him not to cry but rather win. She values Priyanka and calls her princess. Shiv is delivered and he acquaints all housemates with her mom. Asha Ji, Shiv’s mom embraces Abdu, Sajid, Soundarya, Nimrit, Tina, and Shalin. She encourages Shalin to play pleasantly and not get involved into affection what not.

Nimrit and Shiv give a house visit to Asha Ji. Archana apologizes Farah for battling with Sajid. She says in the event that you won’t battle then what could be watched in the house.

Bigg Boss advises all housemates to freeze and invites Priyanka’s sibling Yogesh. Bigg Manager discharges Priyanka and she embraces her sibling. Priyanka acquaints her sibling with everybody. She says Nimrit is her dearest companion and both chuckle.

Bigg boss declares that since Farah, Asha Ji, and Yogesh are hanging around for Sajid, Shiv, and Priyanka, they will avoid any undertaking today, rather their sister, mother, and sibling will.

Shalin lets Tina know that we ought to isolate from one another and ought to remain separated and that is great for game. He tells her that we ought to carry on with our lives and that is best as far as we’re concerned.

Farah lets Archana know that her inclination is enjoyed by the vast majority yet certain individuals could do without her tone. Archana answers that she is from Meerut and for that reason I’m like this.

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