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Speculative chemistry Of Spirits season 2 last is circulating in a couple of hours and fanatics of the AOS country are not prepared to bid farewell at this time. Before the arrival of the K-show, investigate Speculative chemistry Of Spirits season 2 episode 10 time and review here.

alchemy of souls 2 episode 10

After the stunning consummation of Speculative chemistry Of Spirits season 2 episode 9, fans have a great deal of inquiries as a primary concern before the finale. A few significant characters have been killed by Jin Mu and the consummation of season 2 will be about Jang Uk getting payback against the conspirer to stop the defilement in Daeho.

While a battle is unavoidable, the see of the last episode likewise implies that Naksu and Jang Uk will get hitched in the episode which implies there will be conclusion after all the tension.


Speculative chemistry Of Spirits season 2 episode 10 will air on Sunday, January 8, at 9.10 pm KST/7.10 am ET on tvN. Afterward, the show will air on Netflix with English captions.

The show will be delivered on Netflix at 11 pm KST/9 am ET. Investigate the global broadcast appointments on the stage underneath:

  • Pacific Time: 6am PT, January 8
  • Central Time: 8am CT, January 8
  • Eastern Time: 9am ET, January 8
  • UK Time: 2pm GMT, January 8
  • Europe Time: 3pm CEST, January 8
  • India Time: 7.30pm IST, January 8
  • Philippines Time: 10pm PHT, January 8
  • Japan Time: 11pm JST, January 8
  • Australia Time: 12.30am ACDT, January 9
  • Singapore Time: 10pm, January 8


The review of Speculative chemistry Of Spirits season 2 finale is giving fans trust that in the midst of the slaughter and a definitive fight between Jang Uk and Jin Mu, fans will have a few sweet minutes to treasure as Naksu weds Jang Uk.

In the pre-delivered cut, Naksu picks her original name Cho Yeong and commitments to live always with Jang Uk. Light and shadow find their fate together which was tied all along.

Another review uncovers that out of three individuals who have kicked the bucket, one could be Park Jin while the other two could be Woman Jin and Kim Yeon. As Jin Mu holds hands with the ruler to stir the firebird and take the ice stone from Uk, the most grounded mage on the planet appears not entirely settled to win this extreme battle to vindicate the demise of his nearby ones.


Speculative chemistry Of Spirits is good to go to end the show with enormous evaluations as the semi-last of the K-show accumulated more than 8.218% viewership in South Korea, Nielsen graph uncovers.

Universally, the show has been similarly famous as the continuation positioned in the Non-English Worldwide Netflix top 10 diagrams at number 6 with 17,170,000 hours of view for the seven day stretch of December 26, 2022, to January 1, 2023.

Watch Alchemy Of Souls 2 finale on Netflix here.

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